The story so far….

So here we are, after a few weeks of shall I shan’t I, I decided to do it. This will be just an informal blog of my escapades here in China, I’m writing it partly due to the amount of questions I’m asked by people about life here, partly to help people who are considering coming here also, but mainly because I’m getting old and i don’t want to forget all the crazy things which go on, Ha!

It’s the classic question asked so often my answer is like a relax, “why did you choose to come to China” and my answer “no reason at all, I was bored with UK life” I literally was lucky enough when on the internet to see an advert for a teaching position in a city I had no idea about or even where it was in China and thought “why not”. As it turns out I found a life perfectly suited for me and I’ve never looked back. Two weeks was all that separated my clicking apply and my arrival here in Wenzhou, a city on the west coast of southern China (A little below Shanghai).

I won’t bore you all with a huge long winded account of the last three years I’ve lived here, I can always write flash back posts hey. The first six months was a whirl wind of new experiences, culture shock and this is China so quite a few nights at huge round table meals eating and drinking. Since then I’ve got married to a local Wenzhou girl, bought a house and we are expecting a baby in around 9 weeks time!

Life here in Wenzhou is never boring and everyday is a new experience, theres never a shortage of WTF moments, but………. you do eventually become more used to their occurrences lol. China is basically a country of amazing traditions and interesting ways of life, whilst nearly everything here is a contradiction. Confusing hey! Also there is the language barrier, which actually doubles when you realize that everywhere in China people speak mandarin Chinese, but most areas or cities have a local dialect. Wenzhou happens to be the hardest to learn in all of China and is almost a completely separate language. Luckily for me after an intense period of learning my mandarin reading, writing and speaking is basically at conversational level and I can hang out with non english speakers without too much hassle. My Wenzhou hua (local language is getting better and better all the time. Both still need much work!

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