A chance to celebrate NYE twice!!

Everywhere else in the world New Years Eve comes once a year, in China we get two, yes two chances to celebrate it! How you say? Because here we have the NYE everyone the world over knows December 31st/1st of January, and also the Chinese New Year.

A few pics from this “International NYE”

Here in Wenzhou the International NYE is celebrated, but not to the extent it would be back in England, or anywhere else in the world. That being said it is still celebrated by both the expats and Chinese alike. This takes the form of many parties from bars to house parties. This year we went to our first Hanukkah party! Not really a religious gathering but more of a house party with some Jewish food such as Latkers and we play Dreidel which was fun, other than that standard house party rules applied.

Pictures from last Chinese New Year

Now where it really go’s off is Chinese New Year! This is where the Chinese really make up for not celebrating Christmas. Its everything that we westerners have at Christmas time, family coming together, gifts (hongbaos of money) lots of drinking and parties and other merriment! The main difference though is the fireworks! These are sold mainly from stalls set up by the sides of roads and are cheap and great fun. Chinas health and safety can be questionable sometimes as lots of the fireworks are clearly aimed at children, and children are seen everywhere lighting them. They are able to buy them! Surprisingly¬†nobody ever seems to get hurt! For the most of Chinese New Year or Spring Festival as its also known it sounds like a war zone, personally I love fireworks so its great!wechatimg7

A typical fireworks stand

Chinese New Year this year will fall on the 27th of January and will be an interesting time this year for different reasons, our baby will be born any time soon! This means my wife will take 40 days bed rest and unable to go out. As far as I’m aware because it will be a few weeks after the actual birth, I will attend all the family gatherings still to make sure we are represented ha! I intend letting of a whole bunch of fireworks to celebrate both events!wechatimg8

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