The past and present together

One of the things that really makes China interesting (at least for me) is the haphazard blend of old and new. Probably cause by the fact China is in a constant state of rapid transformation and development, maybe by random planning laws, who knows! Its really interesting to see when walking down an ultra modern shopping street and being able to make a left of right turn and be in tiny narrow ancient or at least much older streets. Or maybe seeing a brand new building in the middle of an older area and vice versa.

I still even to this day find it fascinating to just simply go wandering around the narrow streets, its like a whole other world. And the mind blowing thing is these places are right next to or in the middle of the most modern areas. A lot of the time, unless you were to go searching for or walking around these areas you mightn’t know they were there!

These pictures are from an unplanned shortcut I took with my wife and son on route to get his family registration done at the local police station. These areas are like their own little worlds, and you see markets, other shops, public facilities such as toilets and outdoor gym equipment all along the way. As well as things which you wouldn’t expect to see. In both modern streets and these older ones its common to see peoples clothes and grotty underwear hung out for all to see, but here in the small streets you see even stranger things, whole animals carcasses hanging out and basically any place possible is utilized for something you wouldn’t expect.

Theres also a whole network of fantastic parks which seemingly spring up out of nowhere to surprise you. I also recently found this ancient bridge completely by mistake.


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