China: Life at 100 WTF’s a minute

Unlike life back home life in China can be the most eventful, crazy & random thing ever! All at 1000 mph! I’ve literally never had such a fantastically different life anywhere else. I first arrived in China in September 2013, exactly three and a half years ago. And by now you would think I’d be used to some of the “out of the ordinary” occurrences the China has to offer…… WRONG !! I mean yes there are things which you only realise you have seen so often that you now consider quite normal. But I don’t think you can ever really ever fully lose that sense of awe, shock or complete surprise. And that’s mainly because there’s never a shortage of new weird and wonderful crazy things to entertain you.


It can be something relatively low key, such as my sister walking inside of the hospital at night when my son was born (it’s pretty big, with huge corridors) and being passed by in a darkish corridor by some classic Chinese looking dude riding a bike. Or a guy on an ebike (electric version of a scooter) loaded up with huge rolls of carpet or 6 odd huge gas bottles weaving through traffic casual as hell.

It could be the four people loaded onto an ebike in traffic which is another regular sight. You get strange things such as the guy in the photo below who was mixing up paint in a huge plastic box on the pavement without a care in the world.paint

Another funny experience in walking through the city and meeting a horse wearing trainers, which happens more often than you would think. This is, of course, a money saving idea instead of regular horse shoes, which I guess they can’t afford. But even funnier when you realise these horses are taken round the streets and the owner calls out “ma nai” (马奶)people here this, come out and buy freshly milked horse milk!! WTF!


There’s also the ballsey way things are transported around here, whether it’s a motorbike, push cart or small truck, they’ll stack it high and make it look like it’s defying gravity. This also goes for delivery of items such as gas bottles, water cooler bottles and carpets etc.

Many really great work experiences can also be gained here in China, my main job is a teacher, but I regularly get one off gigs working in tv commercials, adverts, and general random work. It’s usually really great fun and gives you experiences that you could only really get here in China. I’ve been in a BMW commercial as an engineer. Been away filming an adventure game show, where all expenses were covered, we got paid & we experienced many things that you just wouldn’t get to normally.

I’ve taught free English classes in remote poverty-stricken areas & competed in a dragon boat race, and won!!! Words can not describe the wonder!

The Chinese love a good random concept or item, these toilet seats with stand alone frame are interesting. And this is a restaurant I’ve been to a few times in shanghai which is toilet-themed! The cokes come in a urinal, and the chocolate ice cream….. well….


These automatic car parks are also pretty cool, although by the time my car got to here it had taken a while and I was bored, ha!


In short, if you love the randomness life can bring, China is the place for you.

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