Vlogging Challenge Now on Youtube!

So for the last 4 days, I have been taking part in a Youtube based vlogging challenge! The challenge is to make, edit and upload a 3-5 minute long video of a part of your day, every day for a week. It doesnt seem so hard when you say it, but in practice the time needed to make a video of any good quality is pretty long! Especially if you are new to the whole shooting video and editing! I use a program called Adobe Premiere Pro cc, and shoot all the footage on a variety of cameras. A Cannon G7X, a GoPro, my Iphone 7 (fitted with a Moment lens and Shure MV88 mic). I’m just waiting for my drone to be delivered and then I can really up my game. I’ve really got into vlogging and film making so this challenge has been really good at pushing me to learn new skills and try new styles. If you like vlogging I urge you to have a try. Here are the videos I have made so far…

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