English Competitions – An Interesting Blend of Talent & Weirdness

So it's been a busy month or two, and that in part is due to this years CCTV Star of Outstanding English Competition. If you have ever lived here in China you will have surely come across this situation at least once or twice. English competitions here are very popular and come in a few … Continue reading English Competitions – An Interesting Blend of Talent & Weirdness

5 Reasons Why Having a Foreign Baby in China is AMAZING

A really great article, well worth a read. Which although my son is half half I can relate to as we get the same, that being said we don’t go out as much yet, Ethans only 9 weeks old and we are still getting used to it all.


Seven lovely months ago, little baby Sasha entered into the world in pretty dramatic fashion.

Since then, she has been filling our lives with nappy changes, lullabies, giggles, and more than a few sleepless nights. In other words, a normal baby.

But what makes her different is that she is a foreign baby living in China.

And this is where things get interesting.

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